I’m Lucy Donnelly (used to be a Rhodes…) So as you can see I am the only girl in a family of boys. It really wasn’t how I saw myself ten years ago but its how I have ended up. I really thought there would be French plaits, stripey leggings and some serious make-up chat, these still might be in store for me at some point but currently I am lost in a world of wee on toilet seat/wall/floor, poo chat, poo fingers, farts, match attax, paw patrol, willies, football and polyester sports attire (not me obviously.) Amongst all that I am desperately trying to hang on to my love of Fashion, interiors, food, holidays, music, books, tv box sets and some kind of social life.

Don’t get me wrong, despite everyone’s judgement of me as a girly fashion girl I was thrilled to find out I was expecting a 3rd boy over a year ago, I am a very proud member of the mum of 3 boys club. I have Bobby 7- going on 17, Jesse 4 – comedy genius who would currently have a row with a plastic bag and gorgeous Charlie Fox who is about to turn 1, who is the light of our lives.

I have spent the last 15 years working as an accessories designer for some big high street retailers and I have recently decided to go it on my own as a professional mama with some freelance design on the side to keep me sane. It will also hopefully keep me clothed in Zara and new sneaks (my other loves after my boys, friends and family).

Since having children there have been many times where I have found myself teetering on an edge of getting this whole parenting malarkey right or wrong and there have been many moments as a women in her late thirties where I have questioned everything. From what I’m wearing in the morning to whether my son is at the right school. I want to touch on all of these as they all seem to make me feel like I’m teetering, hopefully all you mamas and papas will know exactly what I am going on about!

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