Popping my Cherry

Popping my Cherry

So I have been teetering on the edge of starting my own blog for the last six months and as you can see I have finally taken the plunge. I read so many inspirational, supportive, funny, informative blogs and I have wondered whether I might have a voice in this world of blogging and whether anyone would want to read what I have to say!? How will I know unless I actually try?

Hopefully some of you reading this will be my friends and know that I have no trouble finding my voice in everyday life, but this is different isn’t it? its putting my self out there, I mean really out there. This blog is going to be personal, I think it has to be really. I’m one of those people who cant help but wear their heart on their sleeve. in the past I tried not to and it just didn’t work. Ive found in life that everything I do where I am 100% myself and wear my heart on my sleeve are the things that work and I’m successful at so hopefully if I apply that theory to this then it might work.

I would be lying if I said that this wasn’t just another mummy blog because it is. But its my mummy blog and I’m a different mummy, no better, no worse just different. I’m also not just a mummy. I’m a designer, I’m a friend (hopefully?) I’m a wife, a daughter and I love other stuff other than my kids. Like interiors, books, fashion, trainers, music, TV, films, food, wine and pubs. I love a good pub. So although this is a blog about motherhood the fact all these other things are important to me might entice you to read my next post. (which will probably be a mummy post!)

In the last 5, well even 7 years I have found myself teetering on the edge of everything in life. Whether its trying to not be late for the school run EVERY single damn day or whether to resign from my job of 9 years to work for myself, be around a bit more for my boys and start this blog. I hung off that edge for quite a while before I decided to leap.

Do you know what I mean? on January 5th 2017 I set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier so I wouldn’t have that feeling that I about to fall off the cliff of calm happy mummy who gets her kids to school on time, with everything they need and reasonably clean and happy. Its January 6th today and I have already teetered, fallen off the cliff and dropped a massive F bomb. So that’s what I mean!

Anyway enough of my first ramble, I mean post. Please any comments are welcome. I would be very happy to get  any constructive advice. Peace out.